ICD 9 to 10 Conversion

ICD 9 to 10 Conversion
Empower Your Health Care Service Providers
  • Overview

    As per the new ruling from the department of health the ICD 9 Codes will be replaced by ICD 10 Codes. All the Health care services in US should use the ICD 10 diagnosis code and all the hospital should use ICD 10 Procedural code for the in patients. All the payments will be made against ICD 10 codes from Oct 1 2015.
    The challenges faced due to the ruling by the health care service providers and hospitals is to ensure that their existing EHR systems supports the ICD 9 to 10 Mapping and the conversion of their records.

  • Our Offerings

    Our ICD 9 to 10 Conversion tool is a proven tool that helps the Health care service provider to utilize map the ICD 9 Codes to the relevant ICD 10 codes. If the Health Care Service provider is familiar in ICD 9 Code, The tool is intelligent enough to convert and map the ICD 9 code to ICD 10 codes. The tool is also used to convert the ICD 10 codes to ICD 9 codes.

  • Features

    Our ICD 9 to Conversion tool complemented with our proven framework in implementing through step-by-step process. Our Code experts will evaluate your existing Practice Management, EMR and billing software’s that are currently in use and identify the total impact. Our Health Care IT Specialist will do the feasibility test on the existing software’s application used and provide a detailed report on the changes to the data structure and applications to be amended. There are instances where our tool will work as an add-on or a separate system that will be help the Health Care service Providers to use this to be integrated with their existing applications. In certain cases, the recommendation is to replace the EHR that works with our ICD 9 to 10 Conversion tool or recommend the EHR product that supports the conversion. ICD 9 to 10 Conversion Implementation Process is as follows

  • Benefits

    Our Solution will benefit the customer by achieving the successful implementation of ICD 10 as mandated.

    • ICD 9 to 10 Conversion without affecting the revenue Cycle
    • Adhering to the Government Regulations
    • Flexible for providers who are used to ICD 9 codes, System is intelligent enough to convert it to ICD 10 codes
    • Comprehensive search facility to search ICD 9 or 10 Codes and provides results for both the versions for reference
    • Easy to integrate with other applications and EHR
    • Works as an independent tool that provides details of the ICD 9 to 10 Codes and details
    • Facility to define most frequently used codes to avoid searching from all the codes every time