Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions
For a smart mobile world
  • Why?

    In today's world, consumers and businesses increasingly prefer digital/ mobile channels for performing several transactions. Mobile platforms make content universally accessible by mixing media (graphics and video, for example), tailoring messages for context (providing location or demographic information) and adding social connectivity (allowing communities to build around themes and needs, as well as ideas shared among friends). These channels lower the cost of transactions and record them transparently and provide a seamless real-time access to required information.

  • What?

    BMS, with years of experience in developing mobile applications provides suitable mobile specific solutions to connect, access and transact business processes in a seamless fashion. Our solution addresses the key component of an integrated enterprise by offering powerful mobile applications for the users in the respective business verticals.

    • Digital Banking
    • Digital Media
    • Digital Retail
    • Digital Logistics
    • Digital Education
    • Digital Health
  • How?

    BMS has a well-defined and proven solutions framework to provide mobile solution to our customers and help them realize their business goals and operational objectives.
    BMS takes a top-down approach towards building a mobile solutions framework, which addresses core components of product/ service designs and consumer experiences but also to raise employee productivity and performance.
    Our integrated approach extend beyond mobile solution strategy to encompass needed changes in organizational processes, the design of mobile solution platforms to enable seamless business connectivity.

  • Solution Benefits

    We measure our solution benefits using our unique model called the “Value Quadrant”.

    • Enhance the consumer experience by offering quality product and service offering at the right place, right time and at right price
    • Improve sales & financial performance by aligning operations towards customer centric approach
    • Reduction in cost of operations by optimizing supply chain and distribution mechanism
    • Reduce the risk of operations by fore-seeing and eliminating operational risks and threats to business