Provider / Patient Portal

Provider / Patient Portal
A Smarter and Effective way for Collaboration
  • Overview

    Health care organizations are striving to improve the patient’s experience during and after their visit. Organizations are focused on patient care continuum to improve the patient's quality of care. Every organizations ongoing effort is to increase the level of patient engagement at every stage of interactions. Improving the patient engagement is directly proportionate to the quality of results in patient's experience.

  • Our Offerings

    BMS Patient / Provider portal provides a secured, smarter and effective communication between provider and patients to improve patients care continuum. The provider portal will increase the workflow and co-ordination within the hospitals and clinics for quality patient care. It empowers the patients; support care between visits and most importantly improve the quality of patient's outcomes and experience.

  • Features

    • Appointment Request & Scheduling – Patient can submit their appointment request at anytime or schedule their own appointment
    • Patient Reminders & Alerts - Patient can elect to receive important communications from doctors through automated e-mails, text, and/or phone calls.
    • Visit & Discharge Summary – Discharge summaries by Physicians to Patients
    • Secure Messaging – Practice staff and patient can exchange messages 24/7 securely and efficiently
    • Statements & Bill Pay – Patients can make payment through portal and receive electronic statement helps the practice of reducing paper and mailing cost.
  • Benefits

    • Improve Provider and Patient Collaboration for better care
    • Helps to effectively coordinate care for new value based payment models
    • Enables Health Care organization to be more patient centric
    • Empowers Patients and be more informed on their health
    • Enables Secure transmissions of health data electronically while reducing administration time
    • Improves internal workflow collaboration between nurses, providers and other healthcare staffs