Practice Management

Practice Management
A Smarter way to improve Efficiency and increase Revenue
  • Overview

    The Health care industry is going through transformation in response to the developments like meaningful use Program, ongoing transition to ICD 10 Conversion and Electronic standard transaction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). So, professional medical practices need to be prepared for and overcome these challenges to maintain a great reputation of quality and care for their patients

  • Our Offerings

    BMS Practice Management System delivers streamlined scheduling and billing functionality along with complete revenue management capabilities. It also provides technology and support for ICD-10 codes and gives your practice the tools needed to improve efficiencies and manage increasing regulatory compliance requirements. It helps the Healthcare Providers by having patient information, Dynamic Appointment Scheduler, Insurance Eligibility verification and intelligent coding and claims submission.

  • Features

    • Integrated scheduling systems that links appointment directly to progress notes, automate coding, and managed claims
    • Centralized chart management, condition-specific queries and other shortcuts
    • Enhanced communication with other clinicians and labs
    • Patient can determine their deductibles and insurance coverage prior to service
    • Provider workflow helps for care custom & default alerts, track patient compliance and appointment reminders
  • Benefits

    • Improve operational efficiency and increase productivity
    • Intelligent Coding and Billing reduces Denials
    • Automated workflow helps to follow and track claim submissions, account receivables against a constantly updated federal, state and commercial claims guidelines
    • Improves internal workflow collaboration between nurses, providers and other healthcare staffs
    • Automated tasks and follow up alerts that will help them to effectively plan and manage their daily tasks
    • Online Dashboard provides comprehensive information on the performance and metrics