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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management
Improve Cash flow and Patient Billing Processes
  • Overview

    Earlier revenue cycle management was a reactive, back office function. But today you need to be ready for changing regulations, updates to payer rules, evolving procedures, and increasing expectations.

  • Our Offerings

    BMS solution for Revenue Cycle Management provides an integrated system which can inter-connect seamlessly with 3rd party systems, clearing houses, payment gateways, etc. The system is designed and developed to address the pain-points in a revenue cycle process and improve the quality of revenues to practices and physicians.

  • Features

    • Integrated process – ensure end-end process is connected and coordinated for a seamless execution
    • Reports/Dashboards - Monitor key performance metrics with a complete set of operational and management reports
    • Flexible application systems accessible via web & mobile
    • Invoice portal providing real-time payment details
    • Claim Submission/ Status - Electronic claims can be submitted in real time directly to a clearinghouse and tracked. It can be verified before they are submitted to payers to check that they meet national and local requirements for medical necessity and comply with commercial claims stipulations
  • Benefits

    • Accelerate Execution – Reduce time for claims processing and payments
    • Customer Experience – High satisfaction rate amongst providers
    • Improve efficiency – Improve employee productivity and operations efficiency
    • Improve visibility & control – Make informed decisions through data analytics
    • Changes in payer and regulatory rules – Manage complex payer contracts to ensure correct reimbursements and comply with regulatory billing and electronic transaction rules