Electronic Health Records System

Electronic Health Records System
A Smart Platform for Integrated Healthcare
  • Overview

    Blue Marble Smartware redefines the healthcare revolution with its best-in-class Electronic Health Record system eBluCare. eBluCare is an intuitively-designed full-service health information system that supports hospitals and independent practitioners with the best technology so they can succeed in delivering the best care for the patient.

    At BMS, we understand that it is frustrating for hospitals and doctors to spend their valuable time in working with poor design and window-dressed features. That’s why eBluCare is designed and tested extensively by doctors who understand both the workflow and the spirit of the work!

  • Our Offerings

    eBlucare is powerful but easy to use. It helps in complex coordination but it is wonderfully simple. It is a flexible and user-friendly system that can adapt to an evolving healthcare environment without disrupting upgrades.

    A win-win-win for the Patient, Provider and the Practice!
    eBluCare improves patient service by driving connectivity, adaptability and interoperability between patients, doctors and the practice in a secure manner. This leads to better coordination and better decision-making, resulting in better care for the patient, better encounters for the physician and better value for the practice.

  • Features

    • Smart - Fully integrated EHR product comes with Practice Management, Provider / Patient Portal, Health Analytics & Informatics, eRX, ICD 9 to 10 and Revenue Cycle Management; Easily connects all major labs to view and receive lab results
    • Caring - Integrated workflow with Provider – Patient – Practice process enabling care coordination and extended care management for improved patient care
    • Customizable - Flexible, user-friendly and easily customizable according to your needs
    • Compliant - Compliance to HIPAA and other government guidelines; Meaningful Use Stage 1, 2 and Ready for Stage 3
  • Benefits

    • Automated and streamlined providers' workflow
    • Improved accuracy of patient information such as medical history, diagnosis reports, medications, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, lab and test results
    • Enhanced security in health information
    • Adaptability to key market changes in provider requirement and consumer expectation
    • Superior organizational capability and productivity