Health Analytics & Informatics

Health Analytics & Informatics
A Smarter Insights to Value Based Outcome
  • Overview

    Healthcare organizations are challenged to reduce costs, improve quality of care by being Patient centric and improve overall quality of well-being. Consumer demands for better outcomes and increased value has put health care providers under immense pressure to deliver better outcomes.
    Healthcare industry has to be more informed with smarter insights to take smarter decisions to enable improved quality of care to enable value based outcome for the demanding consumer, increasing governmental regulations, complex market dynamics.

  • Our Offerings

    BMS provides meaningful and actionable insights to Healthcare organizations to make smarter decisions in-order to improve the quality of care

    • Population Health Management
    • Clinical Risk Management
    • Medical Outcome Management
    • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Features

    BMS have a proven solution framework for the Health Care Analytics to achieve business goals and specific objectives. BMS takes the collective approach to improve the quality of care by transforming the Data Governance, Reporting and Analytics. Our Health Care Informatics Solution provides Qualitative information that is consistent and a single version of truth. Our Analytics solution provides the Suggestive, Predictive and Prescriptive solution to improve the Quality of Care.

  • Benefits

    Our Solution will benefit the customer by achieving the Business Goals and Objective

    • Improve Efficiency in clinical Operations and Member / Patient Satisfaction
    • Improve Quality of Care in clinical Operations
    • Reduce Waste and Care Variability Reduction
    • Improve Preventive Care Management, Wellness and Disease Management
    • Exceed consumer Expectations and satisfaction
    • Improve Consumer acquisition and retention
    • Improve Operational Readiness and Effectiveness
    • Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs
    • Optimize Operations and increase value
    • Improve Accountability and reward for performance
    • Agile in Operations and Adapting to complex operational excellence
    • Improve Administrative and Financial Performance
    • Increase Revenue and improve effective ROI
    • Increase Utilization
    • Optimize Human Capital Management and Procurements
    • Improve risk management and strict adherence to regulatory compliance
    • Improve Fraud Detection